Trend of Dramas in Different Countries

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Dramas have different trends in different countries. In most of the countries, Pinoy Tambayan dramas are considered as very important and essential for the relaxation of minds.

Definition of drama:

Drama is basically a play based on emotions, fun, behaviors, act, teamwork and skills.

Importance of dramas:

Drama improves communication skills, patience, teamwork, dialogue, communication. It speeds up the thinking ability of people and also improves the mental creativity and imagination. dramas develop a better understanding of human behaviour. Nowadays no one have time to relax their minds, to lessen their stress due to daily work. Dramas play a great job to relax the minds. People watch dramas to entertain their selves and to relax their minds.

Dramas composed in different countries play different role in the human life as the topic of them are different from each other. we will discuss the different types of dramas composed in different countries below;

Trend in Philippines:

Philippines is very famous for their drama production and script writing as they consist of peace, love stories, family-friendly themes such as romance, friendship, history, and family values. Some action-themed dramas such as City Hunter, they only had a small amount of violence in them. The dramas are based upon love stories, romance and family values.

History of Philippines drama;

First show in Philippines was held in Cebu. It was a comedy scripted drama written by Vicente Poche. Then after eleven years in 1609, another stage play Portraying the Life of Santa Barbara was staged in Bicol.

Famous dramas of Philippines:

There are different famous dramas of Philippines such as:

Story of yanzi palace, love of my life, the last empress and etc.

Story line of dramas:

The storylines of these dramas are not as easy to know or predict as local dramas.


Their characters are cute and beautiful, specially as compared with their fashion sense. They have a strong and firm character. Philippine television dramas are also known as the teleserye.

Canadian dramas:

Do you ever think that why Canada is so famous? that is because Canada is a very peaceful nation with a great worldwide reputationand it is considered as one of the best places to study.

Their dramas:

A TV show filmed in Toronto, known as rookie blue was on television from 2010 to 2015, it had six seasons total. Action, romance, heartbreak, and promotions were going on during the six seasons.

A Canadian werewolf drama, Bitten was another famous drama. The actress was from Toronto. Bitten’s third and final season came in 2016.

Many other dramas like rookie blue and bitten were released which were the big reason for the popularity of Canada.

Trends of Canadian dramas:

Canadian dramas are based upon fear, wonder, imagination, suspense, and romance.


The French dramas are basically revolving around weddings, military contests, romance, love stories, royal entrance into an important city.

Famous dramas:

Most famous dramas of France are


1- mafiosa (2006-2015)

2- Skam France

3- No limit (2012-2015)


Saudi Arabia:

Dramas in Saudi Arabia are famous as they are based on true stories, trends in Saudi, rules of country, revenge etc.

Aayesh (2010)

A drama known as “Aayesh” was released in 2010 which was a famous drama of Saudi Arabia it was rated as 7.5 stars. It was a short drama and its story was based on a lonely man. He works as a morgue security guard. One day his daily routine is altered for 10 minutes, but brings about an important change.


The Investor (2018)

It’s a fantasy drama and it was rated as 8.6 stars. Omar was the character in the drama. Once the bars of jail locked behind him. The film sheds light on some true stories that occurred in Saudi society.

The Message (1976)

It was rated as 8.2 stars and was a biography, history drama of Saudi Arabia.This epic historical drama describes the life and times of holy prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and serves as an introduction to early Islamic history. It was one of the most famous drama of the country.

 Wadjda (2012)

It was a comedy drama which was famous and rated as 7.7 stars. An enterprising Saudi girl signs on for her school’s Koran recitation competition as a way to raise the remaining funds she needs in order to buy the green bicycle that has captured her interest.



USA is a well-known and developed country different dramas are introduced here.



few famous dramas of U.S.A are listed below;
1- Queen of the South (2016)

 2- The Sinner (2017)

 3- The Purge (2018)

 4-Tread stone (2019)

 5-Dare Me (2019)

 6- Briar patch (2020)

WWE is a wrestling program in USA which is also very demanded show and is shown as;
1-WWE Raw (1993–2000, 2005)

2-A.M. Raw (2005)

3-WWE Tribute to the Troops (2005)

4-WWE Hall of Fame (2006)

5-WWE Tough Enough (2011)

6-WWE NXT (2019)



Trends of dramas differ in every country. Dramas provide us informative stuff and knowledge of thing that we may not know. Drama promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue and negotiation. It increases the imagination and creativity power of one’s mind; it develops a better understanding of human behaviour and may built the character of a person.

Dramatic plays encourage to solve mysterious problems and provides us ability to face hurdles and gives us the ability to solve them. It stimulates creativity in solving problems.


Other topics for the article:

1- trends of dramas.

2- different countries and dramas.

3- dramas on the basis of country.

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